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Vancouver, BC
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This number is not for renting equipment when it's NOT an emergency. If you are renting equipment for future days, please wait until we open or use this website. All our contact info is below.

Use this wisely:
(604) 767-5337


10-5PM Monday - Friday
10-1PM Saturday
Sunday - Closed or by appointment only, 24 hours notice suggested.

Lighting Dimmer Box

$5.00 Per Day *

Rent a dimmer box to help dial in your lights to exactly the brightness you need.   Please see details on which lights this will work with.



  • 1000w max capacity
  • Runs inline, plug your light into it, plug it into the wall, dim away!
  • Dim your tungsten or halogen lights from 100% down to about 20%
  • Note: many lights such as fluorescent and LED will NOT work with dimmers.
  • Note: colour temperature in hot lights gets warmer/lower the less power they run, so be prepared for a warming colour shift as you dial them down.