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409 Granville St. - Office 1210
Vancouver, BC
Office: (604) 558-0105
After Hours Cell: (604) 767-5337


10-5PM Monday - Friday
10-1PM Saturday
Sunday - Closed or by appointment only, 24 hours notice suggested.

Backdrops and Greenscreens

We rent a range of backdrops from the standard black, white and grey to infinity white vinyl rolls to greenscreens in both compact and studio sizes.  If you aren’t sure the difference in quality from one backdrop to another, just ask.  There’s a large difference between an inexpensive one and a professional grade backdrop in terms of post production work.  And if you’re shooting a greenscreen, we’re happy to give lighting suggestions if you need it.  The important thing when it comes to lighting backdrops is how you control light over them, whether it’s to remove shadows, blow them out, cut all light off them for darkness, or even a nice flat light for keying out a greenscreen.

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