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409 Granville St. - Office 1210
Vancouver, BC
Office: (604) 558-0105
After Hours Cell: (604) 767-5337


10-5PM Monday - Friday
10-1PM Saturday
Sunday - Closed or by appointment only, 24 hours notice suggested.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

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Our main phone for information, bookings and general questions is 604-558-0105.

If it is after hours and an emergency, the cell number is: 604-767-5337   If it's after hours and NOT and emergency, please email your question in.

OFFICE HOURS: 10am-5pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 1pm Saturday… Sundays for emergencies and advanced appointments booked ahead (there is an additional charge for Sunday pick ups.)

LOCATION: 409 Granville St. Unit 1210 (that means 12th floor) we are at the corner of Hastings & Granville, one block from the Waterfront skytrain station, but directly outside the Canada Line exit. The building lobby is locked on weekends, buzz 1210 to get in.

YES! There is a loading back in the back of our building with 15 minutes parking. It’s the last loading bay in our back alley by Granville street. Enter the alley off Howe (turn left) and it’s the last bay on the left. Grey with a green stripe. Please Google map it before coming to pick up gear, as it’s difficult to give directions into the alley over the phone.

Submit a quote request via the website or simply call or email and tell us what gear you want and how long you need it. We confirm that it’s booked off and make an appointment with you on the pickup day. You come pick it up, bring ID and money, take the gear and use it, and then return it, hopefully in one piece. If you need something within 24 hours, PHONE, don’t email! We sometimes only check email once a day if it is a busy day, so if it is last minute, call!

A “rental day” means you pick up your gear anytime after noon on day 1 (earlier on Saturdays). You use the gear all day 2, and you return it BEFORE NOON on day 3. You can return stuff as early as you like, even the same day if your shoot ends early and you arrange it ahead of time.

We can be flexible… BUT ONLY IF YOU CALL AHEAD OF TIME. Just phone well in advance (not 15 minutes after you’re already late). If you miss a pickup time and blow it off WITHOUT a courtesy call, you get charged a half day late fee for the rest of that day, and then a full day fee at full rate (no discounts) for every day after that.

24 hours notice on all gear is all we need, with no charges. Same day cancellation can be up to a one day charge if we’ve turned down other bookings on your gear package.

EXCEPTION: All Red, Blackmagic and Canon C300 cameras are subject to a 20% cancellation fee of the full booking rate for any cancellation within 14 days, 50% of the full booking rate within 7 days, and 100% of the full booking rate within 48 hours.

Yes, but we have to pay staff a minimum amount to come in and open the office for you so we have to charge an $80 pick up fee on top of the rental for evening or Sunday pick ups/returns.  Also, it has to be booked more than 24 hours in advance to be confirmed, otherwise no one may be available.

AFTER HOUR EMERGENCIES, you can call the cell phone from 7am to 11pm… and by emergency we mean… “holy shit, the camera just died and we have 40 people standing around waiting while we only have this set for 4 more hours, and the producer/client is about to walk in… where can we get a camera?” If no one answers the cell, please send a text message.

You need to bring a US/Canadian driver’s license or passport and your Visa or MasterCard, as well as sign our rental contract. If you’re coming from outside Canada/USA, you’ll need your passport.

You will have to find someone locally who will rent it for you and assume responsibility for the gear.

Sorry, all rentals must be paid for up front.

Cash or Visa/MC/Paypal by online payment (must be arranged in advance). Interact money transfer is available as well.

It would be weird if we didn’t.

I’m Dylan, the owner of the business, I like walks on the beach and writing quirky FAQ lists. I’ve been working in the video/indie film industry since ’98 as a director/cinematographer/writer. I’ve shot a dozen or so soulless feature length corporate videos, 5 TV pilots, 3 feature sports videos, about 15 short films, 1 feature, and dozens if not hundreds of other event/industrial/instructional/commercial/music/web/etc videos. In 2009 I became a dad and decided to take a year off so I rented out some of my gear to other indie shooters and word spread. All of a sudden I found myself running a rental business. I don’t shoot corporate/commercial/event video anymore… it’s all yours!

As for the rest of our crew, we're a mixed bag with various backgrounds in corporate and commercial video as well as pro-photography.  Check out our ABOUT US page (link at the bottom) if you want more of my witty prose.

On set... where all useful things are learned.


No we won’t shoot your wedding.

No instruction is included in the rental rate.  We're lousy teachers anyway, Youtube is the go-to for all things learning these days though, right?  If you’re completely new to something, we’ll usually let you pick it up earlier so you can get some practice time in with it, just ask.

No, they have to come back with the camera as we need to rent them back out.  If you don't return them, it's counted as an ongoing rental or we charge you for the card outright.  Otherwise people forget to return them and we spend days or weeks trying to get our cards back.

Absolutely! Please make an appointment a day in advance and don’t make it on a Monday, Friday or Saturday when we are at our busiest. Note that a rental house looks like a giant stack of black Pelican cases, not like a big row of demo cameras like Best Buy.

We make reservations within 14 days without deposit. If you want to reserve it outside of a 14 day window, a 50% deposit is required. The deposit is fully refundable up to 72 hours before your rental, non-refundable inside of 72 hours from rental.

Think R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket. But simply, if you lose it/break it... you bought it.  If you don’t bring it back at all, we phone the Vancouver Police Department and give them all your info and let them deal with you.  If you return it broken, we transfer ownership of it to you for full retail value (ie, you pay for it in full)… or allow you to pay for it to be repaired – again, our choice. We outsource debt collection. We don’t want any of these things to happen, so take good care of our gear and bring it back on time, OK?

Once our gear leaves our door, it’s 100% on you and our insurance offers you no coverage at all!! We do not provide you insurance in any way, however we can point you to some great local companies with whom you can get a policy done quickly and easily online. Email us for details.

I’ve never been paid back on any deferral in my whole history of filmmaking, so… no.  But email us anyway and we’ll see how we can help you out, we are VERY indie/low-no budget friendly.

YES!! How we sponsor it depends on your traffic and demographic. Email me details.

Noooo… Unless you’ve got a 6 figure subscriber list on Youtube it’s probably not going to happen.

Generally, you pay full price for the first day and then a half day for every extra day. Once you get to a week we do a 3x day rate. Once you get to a month, you’re between a 6-8 day rate depending on the gear.

However… we often give better rates on gear packages, so email for a better price.

If it’s in and our of our office within 4 hours, we do a .66 day rate. Subject to full day requests though.

Sometimes, yes, though if we have something for sale, it’s usually already up on Craigslist.

You're usually better off getting a courier to do it if it is outside downtown Vancouver, but we can deliver.  Rates vary depending on distance and the amount of gear.  Estimate $50-$100.

We have shipped from Victoria to Halifax.  However due to the theft risk we usually only ship to businesses and production companies, full insurance is required from the day of pick up to return and some additional forms are needed, but yes we do.

Your best bet is to show up around 5pm with a bottle of Hendricks and ice... we'll talk your ears off.  Maybe even about cameras!


  1. Please be on time when you pick up and drop off gear… Often other clients are waiting on it for their own shoots. We understand shoots run late, but give us as much warning as possible so we can make other arrangements for clients. For pick ups, if you book something and no-show your pickup without calling, we simply cancel the rental and put your name on a “do not rent to” list.
  2. Please treat our gear as if it was your baby. If people keep it in perfect condition, we can keep renting it out at budget rates. If you chew it up, you’ll ruin it for everyone else. If you break, damage, ding it, surprise, you will have to pay for it. If you bring it back on time, clean, and in good condition, you may find that you get a bigger and bigger discount every time you rent from us.
  3. And finally…. Like Match.com and OK Cupid, we’re all about long term relationships! If there’s anything we didn’t do well, or could have done better, email Dylan directly at 604camerarentals@gmail.com (not an official company email so no bookings through it). Our ultimate goal is to have as many people making as many films and videos in town as possible as the better the industry does, the better we all do. Also, you get bonus points for reading all the way to the end of this FAQ, ask for access to our chocolate bar bowl when you come in!

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Read This Before Contacting Us

  1. We're open M-F 10-5 and Sat 10-1.  Pick up/returns outside this time or Sunday incur an extra fee.
  2. There is a 48 hour cancellation window.  No shows incur a 100% cancellation fee.
  3. Bring YOUR driver’s license or passport and YOUR Visa/MC (not Visa Debit!)  If you don’t have these, you’ll need to bring someone who does to rent the gear on your behalf.
  4. Returns are due before noon.  Late returns incur a 1/2 day late fee.
  5. You're responsible for all damage or loss of gear - our insurance does not cover you in any way.
  6. There is a loading back in the back alley of the building available first come first served. See below for photo.
  7. The MAIN phone number is 604-558-0105    For emergencies after hours, use the cell: (604) 767-5337  If it is not an emergency, please don't call the cell, just email and we'll help you when we're open again.

Our Office at 409 Granville St., #1003, Vancouver, BC


Check out our spacious and easily accessible loading bay

Hours of Operation

10-5 PM Monday - Friday
10-1 PM Saturday
Sunday - Closed or by appointment only, 24 hours notice suggested.

Office: (604) 558-0105
After Hours Cell: (604) 767-5337

409 Granville St. - Office 1210 Vancouver, BC

RENTAL INQUIRIES - gearbasecamera@gmail.com

SALES INQUIRIES - gearbasesales@gmail.com