Google Map of Gearbase, 409 Granville St, vancouver, bc

409 Granville St. - Office 1210
Vancouver, BC
Office: (604) 558-0105
After Hours Cell: (604) 767-5337


10-5PM Monday - Friday
10-1PM Saturday
Sunday - Closed or by appointment only, 24 hours notice suggested.

Downtown by Waterfront Station, near Canada Place!

Cameras from DSLRs to Cinema cameras, lighting, sound and more!

Need a friendly place to get cameras, lenses and production gear? We're here to help!

Why yes, we DO rent DSLRs!

Canon, Sony, Nikon and Panasonic, as well as lenses, batteries, memory and more!

Email us for filmmaker budget packages!

Red Epic W 8k Helium is here!

Available in EF or PL mount!

Like all our filmmaker camera rental kits, the Red Epic Weapon will come in a low budget option!

We're the friendly downtown camera rental house!

New to Vancouver? Film student? First time producer? - We're right by Waterfront Station!

Drop in and say hi! We're always happy to give advice on how to choose a camera, video lights or audio setups.

GearBase Camera Rentals

We also do sales on gels, cables, lens adapters, filters, batteries and audio gear!

We rent to everyone from photographers to indie films to corporate and commercial producers. Not from Vancouver? No problemo amigo!

Canon 5DmkIV - Hype or Worth The Wait?

You've been waiting almost 4 years, is this a worthy upgrade to the 5D3?

We don't judge, but we do have both on hand! You're welcome to bring in your memory card and shoot some test footage of both back to back!


GearBase Cameras Rentals - Your friendly local rental house!



OK, SO WHY GearBase?

Multi-day rates after the first day!

We offer "industry" rates for everyone! Every extra day is ½ price or less and even lower prices once you hit a week or longer rentals.

No insurance or holds required!

We don't take credit card holds or full value deposits on gear and we don't require insurance unless you're renting cinema cameras like Reds. There you go.

We're friendly and easy to rent from!

Life is too short to not enjoy your job - we have fun at work! Expect music, jokes, and probably Timbits while we prep your gear. Being professional doesn't mean looking down on clients, at least that's our philosophy.

Don't know what you're doing??

Don't worry... we do! Everyone here has a background in corporate or commercial video production or filmmaking. If you need help picking gear, just ask, we do this all day, every day!

Reviews from our clients

"I'm Dylan Couper and I own Gearbase Camera Rentals. You might think it's strange to see a testimonial from the owner, but I want you to know that before starting this company I worked as an indie video shooter and producer for about 16 years and rented gear from most of the other shops in town. I had some good experiences... and some bad experiences. Our shop is an ongoing experiment in how to create the opposite of the bad experiences and expand on the good experiences. Are we perfect? No... But every day behind the desk we do at least one thing that improves our services for our clients. We have no intention of being the biggest rental house in town... But damn we are going to fight to be the best...

Dylan Couper

Owner of GearBase Camera Rentals
The folks over at Gear house have been around for a number of years. They've served Digital Cyclops Video Productions very well as we continue to grow to service our clients. Whether you're producing corporate videography, or filming that hot new indie feature, look up these guys. Their new offices are swankier, and they now have parking! BONUS! They're always very helpful

Kevin Loh

Digital Cyclops

Grant Horne

I hired a lens from Gearhouse in December when i was i Vancouver for the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships. I found them via a google search and after deciding I should at least price up hiring lens I contacted them via email for a quote. The price was fantastic, (5 days for slightly more than the cost of a day in the UK) Responses to emails were usually within a few minutes during their office hours and they even gave me directions from my hotel via public transport If I ever need to hire gear in the Vancouver area again this will definitely be my 1st call


We'll do everything we can to make your next shoot better!