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This number is not for renting equipment when it's NOT an emergency. If you are renting equipment for future days, please wait until we open or use this website. All our contact info is below.

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(604) 767-5337


10-5PM Monday - Friday
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Sunday - Closed or by appointment only, 24 hours notice suggested.

360VR and High Speed - Slow Motion Cameras

Gearbase is the place for 360 VR and High Speed Camera Rentals. If you need slow motion cameras or Virtual Reality cameras at a friendly price, you’ve come to the right place. Are you shooting professional 8k video walk throughs for websites? You may want to check out the Insta360 Pro, one of the best priced pro 360 VR cameras on the market. How about scientific research and you need a 1000+ fps camera filming in slow motion? We rent the Freefly Wave for exactly that purpose. Do you want to rent a Phantom Flex for 4k cinematic slow motion but you don’t want to spend $1000 a day? Again, the Freefly Wave is the camera you want to rent! Super35 sensor with an E mount so you can adapt PL lenses easily and it shoots 4k video at 420fps for roughly 1/3d the price of renting a Phantom Flex. And if you simply want to take a cool 360 VR camera with you out on the slopes skiing or mountain biking, we usually have the newest of the Insta360 VR sports cameras ready to rent. If you have any questions about 360 VR and High Speed Camera Rentals, just shoot us an email, we happy to chat about your project and give you our best suggestions of what equipment you may need to get your video done right.

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