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Antari HZ-100 Hazer

$55.00 Per Day *

Rent a haze machine or “hazer” as they are known, when you need to create atmosphere lighter than “fog”. We rent the Antari HZ-100 as it’s a pretty common machine in the film world. …but if you ask us to explain the technical difference between haze and fog, we’re tacking on an extra hundred bucks! This is a hazer, not a fog machine, so if you rent it for a Halloween party and don’t like it, that’s on you. You’ve been warned. 🙂


* Industry standard unit
* 1,000 cubic feet per minute output
* 25hrs/liter consumption (according to the manufacturer, but we’re suspect)
* 2.5 liter tank capacity
* fluid not included but we keep it on hand, please ask to add it.
* 40lbs, a bit heavy but portable