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Zhiyun Tech Crane Stabilizer

$50.00 Per Day *

We rent stabilizers in this 1 handed range basically because of the Zhiyun Crane.  We resisted because there were basically none on the market that we thought produced a smooth enough image, until finally this came out and we rolled the dice.  It’s amazingly smooth, easy to use and compact.  Sometimes the right tool for the job is an easyrig and a ronin, but sometimes this is exactly what you need to get the shot.  Yes, we’ve tried the Ikan Beholder, the Pilotfly and many other options.  This is the best (at least as of Jan 2017, if we’re wrong, let us know!)



  • 3 Axis gimbal stabilizer
  • 360 degree rotation along 3 axis
  • 2.6lb capacity for small DSLR or mirrorless like Sony A7s2 or GH5
  • Control via iOS or Android apps
  • 5 way joystick
  • 6 and 12 hour battery modes
  • Camera not included (somewhat obviously)