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Aputure Spotlight Mount with 36 degree lens

$40.00 Per Day *

Need a tight beam of light? Rent the Aputure spotlight add on when you want a Leko style spotlight modifier for your C300d or C120d. Or really any Bowens mount light. Note, this does not include the light itself and is just the spotlight adapter. We carry this in the 36 degree (medium wide) but also in 19 degree if you need a super tight beam.


* 36 degree narrow lens included
* Bowens mount
* Cookie set available but not included (please ask)
* Stand not included, spotlight only. Please ask to add a stand if needed (though all our lights come with stands)
* It should be pretty obvious but the C300d or C120d is not included. Just to be safe, this is not actually a light, just a modifier to go in front of the light!