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Aputure Light Storm C300D

$80.00 $70.00 Per Day *

One light to rule them all… sorry, terrible cliche, but we waited ages to get the Aputure Light Storm C300d because of all the hype and… oh we are so glad we did!  This is the light that made us stop loving tungsten.  Hard when it needs to be, but easily modifiable.  Runs of V mount batteries (2 at a time) if needed.  Dimmable with no change in CT.  High CRI.  Clean, pure light.  Sorry Arri and KinoFlo… this wins bang for the buck!

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  • 300w LED = 4000w tungsten gelled to daylight
  • Dimmable
  • AC power or power from 2x V mount batteries (not included)
  • Barn doors, reflector and stand included!
  • Diffusion and CTB included (for correcting to tungsten)
  • $80 each or 2 for $130
  • Add Fresnel adapter for $10 (please ask in comments)
  • Requires 2x 190wh V-mount batteries, please ask to add to quote if needed.
  • Add Small LightDome for $5
  • Add Large LightDome or 47″ or 55″ Octobox for $10 (please include choice in quote comment box)

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