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Aputure Electro Storm XT26 2600w Bi Colour LED

$450.00 Per Day *

Do you need a lot of light?  No no no… More than that!  A LOT OF LIGHT!!! A LOOOOOOOT OF LIIIIIIGHT!  Then this is what you want.  2600w of LED at an efficiency conversion of 5 to 1 would make this roughly the same as a 12,000w incandescent – except CT variable.  Or equal to a 4000w HMI.  And you can run it off a battery pack.  Or a dryer/stove plug.  Note, only the stage plug is included.  You cannot plug this into a normal household socket.  If you rent this and you don’t know how to power it, we’re not giving you a refund.  You’ve been warned.



  • 2600w output
  • 2700-6500k colour temp variable
  • Bowens S mount.
  • Includes reflector
  • Current power options are 3 pin stage plug and it draws 31.5amps.  If you rent it without knowing how to power it, you’ve been warned and we’re not giving you a refund if you blow breakers and/or cannot power it.
  • Battery power options coming soon!