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Beaulieu 5008 Super8 film camera

$75.00 Per Day *

If you want to shoot film for the first time, we’re happy to help walk you through buying film, where to send it for developing and telecine and so on!  Why?  Because shooting on film is just that damn cool.

We should probably add that film is not included in the price…


  • Schneider 6-66mm f1.8 servo zoom lens
  • Shoots glorious 18 or 24fps,
  • Colour or Black and White?  YES!
  • ASA25-ASA400 (so you’ll have to compensate for shooting 500T, but not hard to do)
  • Sound input, but lets face it, you want external sound and synch in post
  • Comes with Tungsten and Daylight balancing filters.