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Sony X3000 4k Action Camera

$50.00 Per Day *

Dylan’s personal favourite action camera for sports and car racing.  Why?  For action, optical image stabilization is a deal maker, and that’s something the Hero 5 black doesn’t have.  Add to that the best remote you can get with an action cam and clean 4k images, and this is an easy win.  It costs a bit more, yes, but that pays dividends getting to use the weatherproof live view remote and never having to do annoying app synchs again!   Plus the image quality is just fantastic!


  • 4k-24fps, 4k-30fps, 1080-120fps, 720-240fps at up to 100mbs
  • Optical Image Stabilization (Balanced Optical Steady Shot) and it SMOKES GoPro’s electronic stabilization
  • Water resistant without case, waterproof to 197′ with full sealed case.
  • Live view remote included, enables live view monitoring and full camera control without sacrificing your cell phone to the elements.
  • Includes 2x batteries and 64gb memory card
  • Includes mount of your choice.
  • ADD A SECOND CAMERA (no remote) FOR $35!!