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Arri Alexa EV Canon EF or PL Ready To Shoot Kit

$895.00 $495.00 Per Day *

The Alexa EV probably has more Oscars than any other digital camera… 5 straight wins for Best Cinematography were filmed on it (the streak was broken by La La Land, shot on film, fyi).  Yes, it’s 2.8k not 8k like our Epic-W but that seemed to be good enough for The Revenant, Birdman, Life Of Pi, Argo and Gravity to take home a trophy.

Ours has the 120fps license.  It can be paired with our Odessey 7Q+ for Arriraw .  It has colour so beautiful we will guarantee you will get into Cannes* (*not an actual guarantee).

This is available in native Canon EF mount for use with our CP2, Sigma Cine, Canon L, Rokinon, and weird old vintage lenses.  It’s also available in PL mount of course.  Also, we upgraded the EVF from the original one to the killer SmallHD 502 Sidefinder!



  • Arri Alexa EV Classic (see Arri for specs)
  • Canon EF mount or PL mount
  • 2x 128gb SxS cards and reader
  • ArriRaw and Highspeed license (requires adding the Odyssey 7Q+)
  • 2x V mount batteries and charger included
  • Your choice of SmallHD 702L or 502 Sidefinder EVF (much better than the original Arri EVF)
  • 15mm rail system, tripod QR base and top handle are included