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Walkie Talkie Field Radio – Rocky Talkie

$9.00 Per Day *

RENT THIS ONE.  It has a funny name, but the Rocky Talkie has won slews of awards for the best radio product on the market in the last few years.  It is an FRS system (so no license needed) radio built to the highest quality by a fairly new company in the USA.  Range?  2 to 8 kms on FRS (we’ve tested it through 20 stories of concrete into a parking garage and it sounds great).  Battery life?  FOUR DAYS.  Not hours…. DAYS.  This has been proven true by tons of tests.  Google it.  Then rent it.



  • 2watt system (max legal power)
  • 128 channels (instead of 16)
  • Range in city 1.5kms (we’ve tested up to 1km through concrete buildings)
  • Range in the forest 1-5kms
  • 4 DAY battery life (depending on use, but 3 days is pretty legit)
  • Headset included
  • Charges via USB