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Hollyland T1000 Intercom System

$195.00 Per Day *

Are you running a multicam live shoot and need to be able to yell at your camera team? Forget walkies, you need to rent the Hollyland T1000 intercom system! This is a full duplex system which means you can talk back and forth like you were on a cell phone conference call, but also gives you the ability to shut off other people’s mics remotely if they are annoying you. It is AC powered but can also run off batteries if you are in the field. The Hollyland T1000 intercom system gives you, as the operator, one headset off the base station, and four more headsets for your camera operators, or anyone else you like. Rent an intercom system for your shoot and you’ll save a ton of time and stress on the day.


* 5 total headsets – 1 wired on the base, 4 wireless remote.
* Full duplex
* Remote mic kill feature
* AC powered but can be powered via battery plate. Please ask if you need battery power as batteries are optional and not included. We recommend AC power though.
* 1000′ range (so the manufacturer says – results may vary).