Google Map of Gearbase, 409 Granville St, vancouver, bc

409 Granville St. - Office 1210
Vancouver, BC
Office: (604) 558-0105
After Hours Cell: (604) 767-5337


10-5PM Monday - Friday
10-1PM Saturday
Sunday - Closed or by appointment only, 24 hours notice suggested.

So you really want to know about the Gearbase team? OK, but don't say you haven't been warned!

(this page is what happens when you let a bunch of guys write their own content for an "about us" page)


Junior VP of Executive Operations

Dylan compensates for never making it as a film director by racing cars and being sarcastic on the company website. He founded Gearbase to enable his online camera shopping addiction. He enjoys tacos and tequila, though can't speak Spanish at all and Chino won't teach him.

Chino the Mexi... Spaniard

Rental Supervisor

Our resident Spaniard and main rental booking guru may also be related to Dave Grohl fron Foo Fighters/Nirvana. He is the go to guy for booking rental packages and likes to answer questions such as: What HDMI cable can I plug into my lens to put it on the internet? Or, If I put an antenna on top of my camera, will I be able to see the picture on a TV?

Luke the Australian

Gear Master

We've been assured that this is an accurate photo of not just Luke, but all Australians. Luke enjoys romantic walks with broken camera gear, scratched LCD screens, and putting shrimp on the barbie (but seriously makes kick-ass beef jerky). He accepts late rental returns with beer as a bribe.

PrepMaster Joel

Prep Technician

Joel likes testing endless HDMI cables and washing sandbags while daydreaming of moose hunting, maple tapping, toque knitting and all other Canadian things while whistling Wheat Kings to himself.

Karla La Diabla

Office Coordinator

Karla picked this photo. Not us. She has a clause in her employee contract that prevents her from punching anyone else who works here. However that protection does not extend to people who return gear broken, so if you bring something back in pieces, make sure you do it AFTER she's had her morning coffee... or stay outside her 4' punching reach (also her height).

Giant Space Robot

Collections/Coffee Brewing

Every crew needs either a mystery solving talking dog or some sort of giant space robot. Ours is stuck in customs due to regulations on energy swords.


We'll do everything we can to make sure you have all the gear to make your shoot go smoothly!